Mahara Divisional Secretariat


Towards a Sustainable Development with Unity

Mahara Divisional Secretariat 


Providing Services in compliance with Public policie,s Coordinating resources and uplifting the life standard of inhabitants of the area through an efficient, sustainable and well planned development process with the participation of the public.

 Mahara Divisional Secretariat History 

The Mahara Divisional Secretariat is one of the thirteen divisional secretariats of the Gampaha district, located in the middle of the District  Attanagalla, Dompe Divisional Secretariats are in the east. To the South is Biyagama Divisional Secretariat . JaEla, Wattala and Kelaniya Divisional Secretariats are located in the West and it is bounded on the North by the Gampaha Divisional Secretariat.

Historically, this Divisional Secretariat claims for a long history which dates back before “Vijayagamanaya”.

In the inscription of Keragala ‘Silum ma Sara’ is named as helum Mahara and it seems that with the lapse of time this area was known as Mahara due to the canals spread over the area.

Out of the total extent of land of the Gampaha District 6.72% belongs to this division and Mahara division extends for the area of 98.03 Sqkm.

This Division is of 92 Grama Niladhari Divisions and its total population was 207230 in 2012. When it comes to the racial and ethnic composition of the population of this division, the majority of the total population is Sinhalese and the others are Muslims, Tamils and Burghers.

Paddy, Coconuts and Rubber are cultivated as the main economic crops. In addition to them, minor exports crops are grown and animal husbandry  is also in progress. For the progress of the field of agriculture and the animal husbandry, three agrain services centers and a veterinary office have been established.

The special industries are pottery industry in Dalupitiya area, the gold industry  in Dalupitiya east, Dalupitiya South, Webada west, Kinigama and black smith industry in Weboda area. Industries related to the granite are located in pilikuththuwa, Kirikiththa, Danawkanda and Maligathenna area. A speedy urbernization and industrialization can be seen commonly in the division. Though there are only a few mountain ranges, no special landscapes can be seen in this division. Uruwala Stream  (Oya) Mahara top (muduna) canal and Rukgahawatta cannal are the main existing irrigation systems.  


Role Perfomed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Siriman Gunarathna    
Mr. Withanage 1980 1983
Mr. V.R. Kaluarachchi 1984  
Mrs. Seetha Withanarachchi                 1990  
Mrs. S.H. Withanage  1995  
Mr. B.M. Basnayaka 1996  
Mr. L.K.J. Gunawardhana 2000  
Mr. R.P. Dayarathna 2006  
Mrs. Thamara D. Perera 2008-03-11        2015-02-06        
Mrs. G.S.I. Wimalasena 2015-10  





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